Little longer…

Little longer, I asked of her Little longer for her to stay Listen what I have to say Little longer to feel our very existence Little longer to hold me close And watch how we changed into you and me Little longer to remember promises and dreams Dreams of happiness and togetherness Some other day,... Continue Reading →


A friend of mine told me "Introvert isn't something I should be" It forced me to think for a while A strange thing (feelings) knocked me How can I be INTROVERT? It is the last thing I want to be I care and love other people I often enjoy their company Their ideas and suggestion... Continue Reading →

Pathos v2.0

why does everything feels like the end of the world even after knowing it is just a beginning like i am gonna end up being loosers why is everything unclear and blur even at bright sunny day like i am gonna lay down forever but no one cares, right? the only time you give shit... Continue Reading →

My Words

That's not a life where you cant make your own choices, That's not your choice when you don't feel happy to choose, That's not a happiness when you cant share with your family, That's not a family who don't support in your bad days, That's not a bad day when you make mistake, That's not... Continue Reading →

Shadow in Dark

In a dark hallow room, I saw my shadow Because in the dark Light falls only on the body I plough, Where I have been digging Deeper and deeper everyday. Not in search of treasure But to hide bones where my spirits lay.   I see the shadow in dark. The reflection of things I’ve... Continue Reading →

Talking to Myself

This is the end of the story which never begun The end I knew from the imagination The end when you will leave Make me like homeless man lying in street The end where I will be left alone And our story is done

The Lonely Night

In a lonely night, I had something in mind. I compared the night with day , And life with time, End with beginning, Journey with destination, Defeat with victory, Love with hatred, And sky with infinity. Then being stuck in sky, I said. I said to myself that life and sky. No one understand their... Continue Reading →

My first love letter

Opened my eyes before sun shine with blood racing in my vein. The feeling of excitement and love, rewinding message carried by dove. My first letter of heart Was dispatched to her. With love, To blah.. blah. 🙂 bringing hope, To my soul.... 😇😇😇     There are no end...


I'm in search for lost pieces of life. Hundreds and thousand lakes, i have dived. I have found everyone and many things, But now they worth nothing.   I have found house but not shade. I have found smile that fade. I have found faith but not god. And i have found friend who is... Continue Reading →

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